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Marrissa O' Leary

Marrissa O'Leary Headshot

Focused Artists has lost one of their founders. Marrissa O'Leary has passed on to additional adventures, and no doubt to exciting endeavors that make her spirit smile.

Marrissa is the beloved mentor of Focused Artists co-founder, Kristina Sutton, and served as TV Executive, Producer, and Actor, prior to her career as a Talent Manager. Marrissa will be missed by many who loved her and called her friend. She lived her life for others, and always championed her clients in sickness and in health. Marrissa reminds us all that you can have a career in Hollywood, be kind, have a backbone and not give up your wishbone nor your funny bone. She loved to giggle and knew no other way.

You are loved, Marrissa, and you are one-of-a-kind.

Bless you always and may you rest in peace, love and light.

Please read more about Marrissa's life and legacy below:

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