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Marija Maksimovic


Marija Maksimovic, also known as Marrillu, was born in Serbia in 1996. Her education includes Graphic Design, which she successfully completed in 2019 at the Faculty of Philology and Arts. During her studies, Marija discovered a deep love for watercolor, and since then, she actively incorporates this technique as her main design solution in her projects. Since 2016, she has been actively developing her style in watercolor, and after completing her studies, she dedicatedly continues self-improvement in traditional illustration. Marija has focused on illustrating children's books, earning her the title of "Children's Illustrator." She has worked on numerous smaller projects with international independent authors and publishers. She has produced a significant number of educational materials for children for a client with whom she has successfully collaborated for many years.


Marija has been part of numerous completed international projects. So far, Marija has created a large number of commissioned illustrations. She has also set up her small studio where she lives and works, successfully selling her original works and limited edition prints worldwide. Her most sought-after illustrations are of cities and commissioned portraits of people, children, and pets, all crafted with great enjoyment. Marija is known as an ambassador for many globally renowned artistic brands, thoroughly analyzing colors and other materials for her work and explaining her creative process. Throughout the creation of her illustrations, she has gained followers eagerly anticipating her next creation. The creativity of this illustrator is driven by her "childlike" energy and a positive, curious outlook on her surroundings. A characteristic of the artist is that from an early age, she independently wrote and illustrated her stories and prose. It is not surprising that she has chosen this path today. Each illustration is created with attention to detail, bringing characters from the text to life. Currently, Marija is working on her first book as an author-illustrator. With boundless imagination and a talent for bringing stories to life, Marija is on the rise in the world of children's illustration.

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