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Edward Varnie

Varnie is an Award-Winning writer and director… Who appreciates all mediums of art and storytelling. He is known for engaging images and a challenging intellectual approach that asks thought provoking questions through narrative. Varnie's passion for the art form of storytelling began with his love of Poetry, Spoken Word, and Comic Books in Elementary School. Which later evolved into writing and developing One Act Plays. His love of Cinema and Cinematic Visuals allowed him to collaborate on such projects like The Pilot for the Webseries “Shit Is Crazy” and his Short Film “Weight” which won The Staff Pick Award at The Black Cat Picture Show.


Varnie has also directed and co wrote The Festival Award-Winning Feature, “Release”, staring Jackie Renee Robinson And Jr Adduci, which has been screened at several Film Festivals across The U.S. Varnie was mentored and taught by acclaimed and accomplished Directors John Adams, Bob Goose, And Peter Bogdanovich. These relationships gave Varnie confidence to tell stories that examine the dynamics of individual identity, solitude, empathy, and people processing emotionally fraught relationships. This epitomizes the Films he aspires to make during his time here on Earth. Varnie is obsessed with the examination of bonding both inside and outside the context of Male and Female dynamics. And how those nuances are contextualized through familial ties, violence, trauma and death, themes that Varnie believes are often too restricted. In Varnie’s work we experience love, affection, and compassion for people. who are often fighting for a greater understanding and insight into their consciousness and identity.

Agent: Kristina Sutton Lennon

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