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 Focused Artists projects available for distribution and licensing 

Riding Legacy
An Oklahoma Black Cowboy Story  


Feature Film- Documentary

Written by Nicole Jocleen

Directed by Kian Taylor and VideoHero


RIDING LEGACY is a high-octane, heartfelt documentary about the Oklahoma black cowboy community that has existed since the early 1850s.


The film team (Jay Rid, Nicole Jocleen, and Kian Taylor) began documenting the rodeo season in 2022 from April to September. This authentic documentary highlights the origin of Black cowboys/cowgirls, the Black rodeo community, and the future of Oklahoma Black cowboys/cowgirls that ride professionally and locally.


Visually stunning, as well as inspirational- this 60 minute, unforgettable documentary is a wild ride.


Audience Award Winner -deadCenter Film Festival 

Best Original Documentary-Greenwood Film Festiva

Riding Legacy One Sheet


John Poster Final (1).jpg

Feature Film- Drama

Producer- Megan Griffiths

Written by Andrew Finnigan

Directed by Colin Trevorrow


Billions of people have vanished and
economies have collapsed. John, once a
family man, now wanders alone through a post-apocalyptic landscape. Forging through forested lands and fighting hunger, loneliness, and visions of his lost family, John hopes to find sanctuary in a place called Faraday, an escape for people like him. Reconciling his past as he survives the present, John makes a discovery that changes his path forever.


JOHN is a prescient feature film, in that it not only focuses on real-life, world-ending threats to our existence, but also on an everyday human trying to parse light from darkness, truth from lies and persevering when the world around him has fallen apart.

JOHN One Sheet

Faculty Lounging


COMEDY, Completed TV Pilot

Written by Kate Duffy

Directed by Richard Janes


After a series of unfortunate events, two teachers find
themselves secretly living in the school’s faculty lounge. On their own for the first time, they have to learn to break their co-dependent ways and start to take care of
themselves - not easy to do on top of trying to save for a new place on a teacher’s salary during a housing crisis.

Faculty Lounging Pitch Deck

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