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Antonio De Graffenreaidt

Antonio de Graffenreaidt is a small town dreamer who took his drive and determination wherever he went while telling stories along the way. He was raised in North Carolina where he attended Winston Salem State University. There he submerged himself in the culture of the HBCU community and absorbed as much knowledge as they would give him.


After graduating Antonio spend the past decade sharpening and honing his talents and discovering his purpose. He finds sharing the stories of people who cannot share their own, to be the most fulfilling. He now acts, produces and directs in all ranges of productions from Reality TV, film, music and even the stage.


He partners with major studies as well as creating his own independent material through his media company Succotash Media. He is currently in development as a Co-Executive Producer for the show "Culture Shock" a social experiment reality show, allowing individuals from different walks of life to experience the other side.

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